Monday, June 30, 2008


I see you inverted like my eyeballs do,
Only my brain corrects the inversion,
I think perhaps I’d rather awhile it didn’t, and
Instead left you upside down
Perhaps if we hung that way, the conversation
would flow more easily
Maybe this would remove those horrid notions, of you know,
how things ought to be


Lee said...

Bats hang upside down. I wonder what kind of conversations they'd have. :)

Your poem reminds me of something I've noticed in other people's least those I read in our blogging group. Some of us allow ourselves to play in conversation. That's not something I've had much experience with so I'm enjoying reading the exchanges.

San sent me to to read up on James Wright. I find him interesting and somewhat moving. Then I found the exploration bar on the left. :) Too cool!


murat11 said...

I like this notion of "corrective" perspectives. Curious who the hanging bat might be, and it's also interesting that ALT just mentioned the hanged man in her latest: he keeps the same pose as the one you're suggesting.

jsd said...

lee: i do like playing with words but not nearly as adept as ALT and murat and san.

murat: my original intent was a poem about me and God, and it is still partly but then it's not completely - i was trying to capture my desire to just let life be, and not worry about what others might think, and my own perconceived notions of my familia role is, and roles we tend to wear, and why we wear them...

murat11 said...

Thought of your poem again this morning while doing a head stand as part of the daily yoga.

jsd said...

murat: :) I'm impressed