Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Driving to Vermont Video

So, here's a short video of getting from San Antonio to Vermont.

I sound really funny on the audio, and for some reason I don't have any "day 2" or "day 3" snippets. But, hopefully it gives you a flavor.


Lee said...

Loved the video, JS! Especially the part about NY, Lake Erie, and VT. But OMG, are you driving and filming at the same time? On a busy highway?! Sheesh! Be careful, ok?


murat11 said...

I wanna car like yours: able to leap multiple states and go from Waco to Ohio in a single bound! Awesome! Thanks for the movie: I like the muted "woohoo" in the background of entering Vermont, and cool pix of the mija/o. Was Sasquatch with you in front of the library? Those footsteps seemed strangely sci-fi.

jsd said...

lee: well, yes, I can drive and shoot video :) The highways weren't that busy the farther away from TX one gets.

murat: if only my car could really leap states in single bounds. the Sasquatch feet are of a person who got a look of fear when they thought I'd 'captured' them in the video, then the ho-humming was my waiting for them to pass by.