Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Barbie and Ken

My wife wants to blog for me today about Ken and Barbie clothing, so here she is:

My daughter, girly girl to beat all girly girls, (in this house at least), loves barbie. (She also has a Ken but not of her free will, he was a gift and she only plays with him as an afterthought.) ... Right, she love Barbies.

She loves the doll and Barbie clothes - she is so cute. However, she cannot put the clothes onto the dolls. Tell me why, even today when Barbie is not unrealistically proportioned; she finally has manageable breasts and less back pain; still, she cannot fit into her wardrobe. The poor girl only wants to be fashionable, yet comfortable. Is that too much to ask? Every time she wants to change party dresses, or swimsuits my daughter has to come to me. All those years of dismembering Barbie did have a purpose after all!

Today she brings me Ken who she has begun to clothe with new pants. This is beach Ken and his other pants are way drafty, so we were happy when Ken got new clothes. Imagine, Ken who has been mauled by the family dog, has only half of one of his arms and the other hand is horribly disfigured, he has this smile on his face that seems to say, "Clothe me." Poor Ken is now in the hands of a lesbian mom.

I struggle with his pants and ponder, "Why are Barbie clothes always too small?"
I ask Ken, " Have you been working out?"
He smiles, "Why, yes."
I tell Ken, "You've gotta lay off that pizza."
He smiles, "Look Lady, I never asked to be naked in your cold hands."
My wife chimes in, "Maybe those are Barbie's pants."
"No." It's too perfect that not only are Barbie's clothes too small but so are Kens. Poor, Beefcake, Beach Bum Ken. The Feminist Justice is too great to ignore.
Just then, my daughter thoughtfully appears with Ken's drafty beach pants.

Ken smiles gratefully as he slides gently into his drafty beach pants. He smiles, "Ahhh."

Monday, February 19, 2007


I friend emailed this image to me...gives new meaning to the term finger painting.


Chest pains stress pains it’s been awhile
Deep breath slow breath healing energy
through my right hand
Guided to the center of my chest aches


Pin-soul eyes closed photography
One tree comes into focus
Lush green meant for me
Image fades all goes white
Where am I
No, no, want to go back

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Some helps

I was looking at my sitemeter report and it seems that I get visits from people searching on Greek and Anglican Prayer Beads.

If you want to hear the NT Greek alphabet sung (as well as two others songs in NT Greek) then visit this website: NT Greek Alphabet Song

The Greek New Testament Gateway contains many links to what I call "NT Greek Helps" - there should be something at this site that is of interest to someone learning NT Greek.

This site contains 9 NT Greek lessons and some audio helps: NT Greek.net

There are many places one can get Anglican Prayer Beads, this link: Solitaries of DeKoven is where mine were hand-made.

Here are the instructions (per the Solitaries of DeKoven) that came with my prayer beads on how to pray using the prayer beads:
Hold the Cross and say the prayer assigned to it, then move to the Invitatory Bead. Then enter the circle of the rosary with the first Cruciform Bead, moving through the Weeks and other Cruciforns, saying the prayers for each bead, and then existing by way of the Invitatory Bead and Cross. It is suggested that one prays around the circle of beads three times in an unhurried pace.

Friday, February 09, 2007


So I'm suppossed to write about cold...hmmm.

Heart frozen in a moment
caught in the net of paralysis
Opportunities sitting in her palm
frozen icicles hanging down
caught in a moment of decisions to be made
Time slowed to the heat of my heartbeat
melting drops slide down
slow-motion stop-motion action
Heart pounding in a moment
free of bindings free to answer the possibilities

hmmm...well...sigh - it'll do.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


A friend sent me an email with lots of pictorial jokes, this one wherever it came from I really liked:

I hope it made you smile.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Happy Poetry Escapes Me

I'm not one who can really write happy poetry - I get close with nature poems.

This one I wrote on a napkin while taking fast food orders many, many, many years ago (it's still one of my favorites):
Soft light glowing
A kaleidoscope of colors in the sky
Making everything appear pure, untouched
Gentle rays shining down
Awakening life with its unheard sound
Quiet morning peace

This one was written sometime between '98-99:
In your arms and with your mouth slowly I turned to dust
As your breath escaped – your words scattered what remained of my heart
My soul has begun a journey trying to trace my path backwards from you
But my arrogance planted mustard seeds and the path back is overgrown

Today - randomness, just letting the words out, no meaning some meaning maybe yes I think cause and effect:
Into the void I plunge arctic waters black as black as the nightless moon
Buoyant waitless still sinking cold like the warm womb
The current carries me in its embrace by my undertoe
Deeper and deeper my lungs collapse but really they should explode
The force of which would push me upwards to float eagle-like

Looking into the depths where all answers lie my intimate self

Inspired by reading to my daughter about Polar Bears.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Greek English Interlinear New Testament

I ordered "The New Greek English Interlinear New Testament" editor J.D. Douglas published by Tyndale from Viva Books here in San Antonio. And I was able to pick it up today - so I'm pretty excited. I ordered a lexicon too, through another vendor but it is hopefully on its way here soon. And in case you're wondering a lexicon is a dictionary - it had me confused at first, because some people would say dictionary and others lexicon, and I was like what's the difference - now I know.

I'm now learning the nominative and accusative and definite articles. So I've got some rote memorization to do, and I was thinking I need to do what my son has to do every week...make sentences with his sight words...and I need some old school write this word until you are blue in the face. Otherwise, I may be on chapter 6 far longer than I need to be.

I'm soooo glad I'm doing this at my own pace. I love languages but I've no natural knack for learning them. Shoot my own knowledge of english syntax is wretched, which is one of the reasons I like learning other langauges (at one point my Spanish wasn't too shabby, but it is long buried in the recesses of my brain now). I was joking with my spouse that my next language to tackle might be Hebrew, but Sanskrit may just oust Hebrew. She laughed at me, "What so you can read the Dead Sea Scrolls?" Actually, there's alot I would be able to read in Sanskrit.

But, in all honesty another language is way down the totem pole. Shoot I've still got 29 more chapters of Greek to go. But, it's fun to imagine.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

No Cipher Needed

Sticks and stones and needles
holy, holy, holy
shout down - shout out
get out
holy, holy, holy

betwixt between my scene
holy, holy, holy
fire and ashes
lent is near
holy, holy, holy

no where some where under where
holy, holy, holy
oil water unction
buckling knees
holy, holy, holy
She tells me shapes
She tells me colors
She tells me directions

She counts
She identifies
She imagines

She has more wisdom than I
She has more life than I
She speaks words truer than mine
So it comes in threes...
...Bad luck
...Dumb luck
...Rather'd no luck
...Three wishes
...Three wise men
...Three french hens
...And then finally...
A partidge
in a pear tree
- for Murat11