Saturday, July 05, 2008

I think I lost my feet a mile ago

It's been a good weeknd so far. Thursday was a rough day all-round, but life goes on. The wife's bike was stolen from our backyard - our fault in some ways; it hadn't been chained up. While reading stories to the kids we think we saw who may have taken the her bike because the 10-12 year old walked into our backyard and proceeded to look under the tarp (we keep the bikes covered) at which point the wife went back there to ask him what he was doing. To which he grunted nerviously and walked away. I would have followed but I was in jammies and had been napping lightly so was abit disoriented. Later, the wife and daughter went to Battery Park to watch the fire wokrs that night - we don't know why they don't have the fire works on the 4th. While son and I stayed home because he got hisself grounded.

Friday we went to a state park about 20 minutes away and had a blast navigating the twisting rocky, rooty, and many a stair pathways with a brief stop by the beach with the dogs. A good time was had by all.

We started today off with a walk in the wrong direction to a local bike shop - about 30 minute walk - at least it was nice out. After lunch we walked to the waterfront cause we told the daughter and son they could swim, but when we saw were they took us - we were both like eewww, no way. So we walked the bike path to a relatively nearby beach, and had a good time in the water. The walk back was exhausting - it took us 40 minutes to get home, but at least we were hot :-) Though I think everyone's necks are now sunburnt.

Tomorrow is church and I think lounging; we may try to go the right direction to the local bike shop.

All told we probably walked 12 miles so far this weekend.


Lee said...

Happy 4th of July weekend. Sorry your bike got stolen. Hope you can find an affordable replacement. Can you find some way to mark the thing in case it happens again so that it can be identified should the police locate it?

I saw lots of fireworks in Austin (actually Round Rock) and got home in the wee hours of the morning. Michael and I had driven a 3 hour round trip to this party. I was really woozy on the drive back home.

Today has been a day of rest. Tomorrow I am LEM. :)

Peace! Hope! & Joy! Love too!

murat11 said...

Biking, hiking, nearby beach within walking distance: sounds wonderful.

jsd said...

lee: well there aren't too many totaly purple bikes, but the wife and I are going to get bright orange paint and spray paint our names on our bikes.

Sounds like you enjoyed your 4th!

murat: it was quite wonderful, up until that last 1/2 mile :) (Isn't that always the case)