Friday, June 13, 2008

Photos Next week Maybe

I may have photos next week, and possibly some video. I'm going to pass on tags until I can get my home internet up - so next round of tags - I'm in.

The few days of "oh my gosh hot" have passed and now the days are cool (brisk mornings and evenings - perfect afternoons). Also, this time of year the sunlight hours are super long - about 4:30am until 8:30ish - too cool. But total suck was winter gets here since it'll be the exact opposite.


murat11 said...

I don't know about that "total suck," jsd. My lovely grey Idaho winter made the following spring the most glorious one I have ever experienced.

Lee said...

Glad to hear the weather has changed. Maybe you can put off the window unit getting till next summer.

Looking forward to the pictures. Hope you guys are in some of them.

Hey, playing catchup on tags and memes is okay. I still owe Murat11 one from a while back (Sorry Paschal!) but I keep finding other things to write about so I think he'll understand. Specially since he liked the newest one I found. (G)

Hugs! & Happy Dancing!

jsd said...

murat: I'll let you know if I agree after winter and come next spring ;-)

San said...

It'll be cold in the winter, but the snow will be so beautiful! I enjoy experiencing the change in seasons. Although here in the high desert winter can last forever.

jsd said...

san: the seasoned Woodchucks (or that's what they say the Flatlanders (i.e. New Yorkers) call Vermonters) say that there's Fall, Winter, Mud Season, Summer. We've already found our first hill to sled down come winter.