Monday, June 16, 2008

Photos Soon & Sadness

I got the photos scanned in this weekend and put together the snippets of our trip (I'm hoping it will upload ok); tomorrow is cable/internet install - so hopefully by tomorrow evening the wait will be over.

I do find that I really miss my old church, and I'm hoping once the summer is over and this church gets back into its non-summer routine I won't be so home sick for Rec. Plus all the training I took at Rec - most of it I'll have to re-take - so I can't even start back into my ministries I used to particapate in. I haven't been able to figure out their outreach ministries either - sigh; it'll just take time. But, the wife and I both agree that it will be a much slower integration into this community then we had expected. I miss my old pastor's sermons - so far the ones here are sorta academic, sorta not - so far they haven't spoken to my heart.

I hadn't prepared myself for feeling sad once I got here; but part of me is in mourning. Part of me wants to go back to how life was...but in many ways I can't - it's like God made sure to shut certain doors so that I wouldn't be able to entertain those thoughts for too long.

I need to let go of my doubt and fear...ah, the pains of settling into transitions.


Lee said...

Hey JS, Sorry you're missing us. We're missing you too. Call me tonight if you can. Ok?


murat11 said...

Believe me, there is a hole down here with you all gone: I really felt it yesterday at Rec. RW would love to hear that you miss his sermons: he probably delivered his last for the summer yesterday (a good one, too): you know how he likes to take the summer off from sermonizing.

San said...

It's so sad to miss places, especially special places like your old church with such great friends. I've even felt nostalgic for people and places I didn't even enjoy in the first place.

I look forward to your photos!

jsd said...

thank you all for the verbal hugs; I just emailed RW to let him know.