Sunday, June 22, 2008

So, we decided to save money on haircuts

This all started when the cheapest haircut we could find is at the beauty school - $10 for a no frills no shampoo cut. But, they don't appear to be open on the weekends, and I couldn't stand my hair on my face anymore. So, we bit the bullet and spent 20 bucks on my haircut. Mind you I used to pay $50 every 6 weeks, but, well things have changed. Afterwards when we got home - I was like honey, you could've given me this haircut for free. She looked at my head again and said "yeah, I think you're right." Then we went hunting for her hair clipper attachments, but couldn't find them - we may have goodwilled them and just don't remember.

The wife used to buzz her own head back in her college days - she was even in a gay pride calendar with buzzed hair. So, she's the official barber of the house now.

We went and ordered the Wahl 79900 Clip-N-Trim 23-Piece Complete Haircut Kit for $24.99, free shipping and a quick look back at online store they just went up $3 (go us):

Then we went and googled about cutting your own hair with clippers. So in 6 weeks we'll see how this endeavor turns out. I figure with each cut she'll get better at. And worse comes to worse (1) my hair will grow out (2) my work doesn't really care (3) I can then dye my hair some extreme color and the bad haircut will now appear to have been on purpuse (4) 3 haircuts given to our son and it will have paid for itself.

And no fear for those of you who know our daugther, we'll just be trimming her bangs and ends - no clipper cuts for her :)


San said...

Too bad you don't seem to want to post pictures of yourself. I'd love to see what the home cuts look like, especially is you decide to perform item #3.

Some day I'll have to post about my bad beauty shop karma. When I do, bring snacks. It'll be a long story. Bring kleenex. It's sad.

Lee said...

Hey JS,

Home economy is good! Save the hair and spread it around the base of some of your trees. It's supposed to keep certain bugs away. :)

Does the new at home hair salon mean that you no longer have a faux-hawk?

We had one of our potential choir directors, Joy, playing for us today at church. I had the pleasure of hearing her audition. Not knowing much about the other candidates, I wonder if it is just because I DID hear her that I'm hoping she gets hired. From what I heard about her training and experience I could see a lot of growth for Rec with her at the head of our choir.


jsd said...

san: I may, I was thinking I could use photoshop to "erase" my features. So, we'll see what comes in 6 weeks.

Hairdressers used to scare me, I mean scissors and clemicals, not the best combination :) I once had a hairdresser burn my scalp while trying to perm my hair. Once my scalp recovered and my literally fried hair grew back, I went to short hair cuts.

lee: no, no more faux-hawk. I'm pretty close to a buzz cut, but not quite. I've not ever had my hair this short before.