Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend was very nice. We had a relaxing drive up to Austin. Found the seminary without any troubles and went to Toy Joy per murat's suggestion. My daughter had the best time there - oh the possibilities. Toy Joy is chalk full of gizmos from ceiling to floor that either chlinks, klinks, or slinks.

We then went back to the seminary and buzzed our host to let him know we'd arrived. He was very nice and very helpful throughout the weekend. Everybody was super nice. So nice that the wife and I wondered if we're nice enough to be there.

When I first started out in all this walkingabout ETSS was hands down the place I wanted to go. Even after I looked at the others via internet, but then something happened and I just wasn't so sure anymore. I felt my heart struggle between wanting both ETSS and EDS, or really rather a blend of both. But, this weekend put much of that to rest. It is an amazing place, and it will be a good place for myself and my family, assuming the path brings us back this way.

I find it ironic that I have to go all the way to VT only to return to TX. A strange path indeed. But, everytime I've asked or really doubted - God says go to VT. So, I'm going or at least trying to get there.

The weekend brought with it a mix of excitement and sadness. I so very much wanted to be one of the postulants starting up this Fall. And if my bishop was not the bishop he is, it may have been so...

...the weekend brought for both my wife and I a sense of rightness, a sense of this is where we belong - just not see there's this other journey we both need to complete first.

Our journey of south to north, north to south, south to somewhere but I suspect north. Why the ying-yang, maybe to heal, to come full circle, to form[ation] in my beginning place/space. To represent but not stay, to struggle but heal elsewhere.

I just don't know yet really...just my random thoughts I've been thinking for awhile.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekend at ETSS then off to Vermont

It's going to be a busy weekend. The whole family is going with me for visitors weekend at ETSS (the Epsicopal Seminary in Austin); it's our opportunity to be paired up with a seminarian and explore the seminary and all its implications.

I fly up to VT Tuesday, interview Wednesday, and then fly back that afternoon - extra prayers that I have an awesome interview - I'll be meeting with 8 different people, and that I don't miss my flight (the schedule is tight).

To safe travels, and new journeys.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tagging Along a Tag

These seven are from someone else's tag then morphed by murat11 into this:

1. "I am a lip balm addict." - No, I really don't like lip balm. My daughter is in love with the stuff - any color, any flavor, even Vaseline. I will every once in a while break down buy some with absolutely no smells or taste, use it once maybe twice only to find myself giving it to my daughter. Bluck.

2. "I can walk pretty fast in high heels" - Not at all. I've never even owned a pair. I've tried them on for the experience, which left me bewildered as to why anyone would ever want to wear such contraptions obviously designed by someone from one of Dante's lower levels of hell.

3. "I love broccoli" - I like broccoli if it's cooked; otherwise, on my palate it's dry and bland and I feel myself making the eewww face as I type this.

4. "My current favorite movie is ‘A Star is Born’" - No, this movie is almost before my time. I have two current favortie movies: 'Bound' and 'Fire'.

5. "I really missed seeing the Oscars this year" - I don't normally watch the Oscars, but the one year I did was fantastic for one reason - can we give it up for Bjork and her swan dress - classic.

6. "I love making (and eating) good American pancakes" - I do enjoy a good pancake, but in our house this is typically a weekend breakfast hence the wife cooks them. But, my favorite way to have pancakes is with fruit inside.

7. "I have a dozen scarves" - Nope, I have one scarf that I crocheted for myself. And I think somewhere in our wardrobe we have a necktie of ALTs. But, in the '80s I did own two of those skinny ties. I'd wear ties if my co-workers wouldn't look at me funny - ties are pretty cool. Scarves are pretty, but they just don't say me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have an interview this Friday with VT company who I really want to work for, and so does the wife (but with a different company).

So keep sending the love :-)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oops and an update

So, I accidentally published a comment I meant to delete...and I think it might have been some virus I deleted the whole post (the Music Vidoes post).

Well, the company in VT got back to me...and the here's still a possibility, but slim - I don't really want to go into details except to say I should know yea or nea by the end of next week.

I know of one other company that is looking at my resume, all the other apps are in that nebulous limbo space. I try to apply to one job a week, but even that gets hard since I'm somewhat specialized.

I still think the way to VT is paved through my wife; she has a skill that more places want then want what I do.

I've began imagining Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D...but won't start to seriously planning/implementing any of them until the end of summer/end of 12 months of job searching for VT job. For now they are just what if day dreams to relieve the stress.

Plan B is just go to seminary here, and either work part-time or not at all.
Plan C is just go to seminary here and dual degree, and either work part-time or not at all.
Plan D is go to another state other then of course TX or VT.

But my heart is still with Plan A, it's still that "plan" that feels most right.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Friday, March 07, 2008


I'm angry with you...well, I was really angry with you yesterday, today....disappointed in a very understated way. Why open a door just enough to get my hopes up and then leave it cracked like a taunt and that just really makes me angry.

I've even tried asking the earthly people, but they DON'T REPLY EITHER. You both just suck.

Well, mister high and mighty, I'm not moving without one of us having a job. I just don't get what it is you want from me. Could you just possibly for a little while let go the silent cryptic shit?

Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oops, Missed a Tag it be:


From Wikipedia....

The Witchblade is an intelligent, ancient, and conscious weapon with extraterrestrial origins. It is one of thirteen weapons of this type. It is the offspring of the universe's opposing aspects, the Darkness and the Angelus (the dark and the light). The Witchblade is a male aspect created to act as a balance, which must have a female as a host. The Witchblade was discovered in modern times in Greece by Kenneth Irons, but before he found it had many wielders. When not in use, it can look like an ornate, jewel encrusted, right-handed gauntlet. When wielded by an unworthy user, that person will lose their arm. It forms a symbiotic relationship with the host, who can hear the Witchblade. When used, it expands across the body of the wielder, shredding clothes and covering the body like an armour. The amount and coverage of the armour depends on the level of the threat. For example, when facing mortals, it will usually generate less armour than when facing a demon of hell. This armor can produce extensions of itself that can form swords, other stabbing weapons, hooks, chains, shields, and wings, enabling the wielder to fly. It may also become temperamental if it chooses not to be used. When wielded, it can shoot energy blasts from the hand or sword, fire projectile darts, and whip-like grapples to attack or to climb. The Witchblade is also an excellent lock pick, and can heal wounds, even mortal ones. The Witchblade can re-animate the dead, empathically show the wielder scenes of great trauma, and allow the wielder to relive experiences from past wielders as dreams.

For Fun

If you're interested in personality types, and are curiuos about what your Myers-Briggs might be, then check out: Then find and select one of the Jung Tests I-E S-N F-T J-P.

I'm a ENFJ -

Overall ENFJ's are the Idealists - this particular letter combo is Teacher.

This link, , will take you to Teacher; however, information about the 16 other types are there too.

Monday, March 03, 2008

What's Up

Bad Management

Hold forth thy tongue
You who speaks through two mouths
Never knowing completely which master
serves you best

Today, was a great day. I'm feeling better, still snot nosed but not fatigued. I've managed to get a little ahead in my tasks. My document is not mine again until Friday. My team is all tasked. So, I got to recharge my batteries catching up with colleagues, spending time alone in my office, not easily accessible to anyone and everyone wanting little bits of me.

I've managed (at least for now) to come to an ok place about not hearing back yet from VT company. I've applied for another job that sounds moves on.

Sunday, March 02, 2008


A twist, a turn, a yo, a loop through
A stitch made, not a knot
Row after row, easy to unravel, yet
it holds

The wind sang to me last night
Longing for company, just for awhile
Just until the moon fades

Feel [an old poem]

Sometimes I feel like the sound of a weeping willow
A cool summer’s day in a field of tan and yellow with nothing but blue in the sky
No sound but for the rustling of leaves and butterfly wings, the scent
of heat wafting only in the stillness

Sometimes I feel like the sound of snow
On a dark cold night with the stars shining down
The smell is like the smell just before a winter’s storm
The sound of my feet sinking under my weight into the freshly fallen snow

Sometimes I feel like the sound of rain
Grey and overcast gloomy
The air tasting metallic against my tongue
Running down my face cleansing away