Thursday, March 29, 2007


Been reading like crazy...finished "The Close" - it was the beginning of "The Episcopalians" - I think it's going to provide a very nice overview of the Episcopal church, a much lighter read than "The Reformation: A History" which what I read was good (it just got overcome by other books, and I had to return it to the library). I'm really enjoying "Living in the Spirit" which I don't have the internal pressure of speed reading through, since it's not due back in two weeks. Then off to "Being Christian" along with the all everyday readings.

Greek has been resurrected - I was getting overwhelmed with lots of other stuff. I seem to be stuck on chapter 7 vocab. But, plow, plow, plow through I will.

I'll be starting EFM at the end of summer and they're having a Seder Meal. I'm really looking forward to the meal and to meeting everyone.

Centering Prayer in the morning is hard for me, I find that my mind once mildly awake wants to begin thinking about everything I need to do - sacred word, sacred word, sacred word. I wonder if anyone else has the sensation of upon "leaving" centering prayer of their limbs feeling heavy as if rooted to the ground?

Was looking for something to listen to and decided upon the M People - I forgot how much I like this group - you can't help but tap a foot and sing along.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Nicho Workshop and a poem

This Saturday my wife and I attended a nicho workshop. This is the first nicho I've ever made and I don't think it will be my last. Everyone's nicho was truly different and all were beautiful. It was soothing and I didn't talk often, my wife and a friend were chatterboxes...but it provided pleasant backdrop.

Nicho are altars you make to remeber and honor loved ones.

I tend to forget how much I like using my hands to make things. Maybe because most of my creative time is spent in my head and only later do I use my hands, and usually it's to type.

Speaking of which here's my "green" poem for last Saturday:
Luscious how it rolls off my tongue
Rigid and serpentine
Along the ridgeline of your taut neckline
Pin you to me in a coiled embrace
Swaying softly with you – mesmerized

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Not Much Happening

Not much going on, BBQed last night, and finished the book I was reading by Carter Heyward - she was one of the "Philadelphia Eleven" in 1974; she and ten other women deacons were ordained priests in the Episcopal Church.

I'm looking forward to the "build one's own altar" class this weekend.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Elements and Pulling Weeds

So my wife and I bought a 2007 Honda Element this week (above is a picture of it) only ours has running boards and a roof rack. It's a pretty cool little SUV. We were having problems with our minivan and were starting to get the feeling that the service department wasn't doing a good job anymore, hence we shifted brands and downsized in the process. That was last Monday, and here it is Sunday and I've no buyers remorse :-)

The rest of the week was alright. My wife and I and our daughter pulled a whole lotta weeds this weekend. Now we're down to the tiny ones; some clover, teeny tiny pricker plants, and some crab grass. I mowed for the first time in months. It felt really nice to be outside after so much rain; which also made pulling weeds easier.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Still Out There

I found a beautiful place to walk at my work. It's like entering into an oasis: no cars, no buildings, rarely any noise; the occassional rabbit, the occassional deer. It's absolutely wonderful - a slice of heaven.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


So there’s pain in the water
A bitter drink to swallow
Being left maybe to swing…
…from the gallows

From the land of milk and honey
To the land of power and money
…swaying in the wind

Who will take me down
And rub my body with anointment
Who will take me down
And rap my body in cloth

Bare this cross a little longer
One more season
One more
It is too much already

Will you sit at my table
and eat with me
Will you sit at my table and eat
as Paul or as Peter

Like water added to wine
You can’t undo the act