Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost done

I have one last paper to write and my semester is officially complete. I got my theology final back, it was blue book style, memorize all I could and hope for two out of four questions I could answer plus seven definitions out of the twenty I prepped for. I left the exam knowing I'd done well on the definitions but unsure of my essays. Though it was interesting supporting my claim that Schleiemacher could talk and walk the Anglican "middle way." Writing about Aquinas and Calvin's views on sin not so interesting. So, when I got my exam back and saw my grade I was really pleased, and after re-reading my essays thought not too bad. I couldn't remember much of anything I had written once I turned had handed it in.

I'm definitely ready to say good-bye and move onto hellos. My hope is to rest and spiritually renew during May, so that I can survive June-August CPE. CPE has me quite terrified; my hope is to go in open to the experience, and what it has to offer, and come out knowing more about myself and having new skills to take into my minstry. Then one day after CPE ends we're either visiting my wife's parents or heading for our new seminary. Oh yeah, I also have an awesome field parish placement! The rector is super kind and vibrant and open to letting me explore and try stuff that's near and dear to me, as well as offer guidance and suggestions. I'm super excited.

I'm looking forward to some time with a paper journal and some Spiritual Direction, some distance to process everything that's gone on. I managed to survive this year with my dignity and integrity intact, though at the very, very end, I really doubted myself, my approach to the events, and I'm deeply grateful for the words that my bishop shared with me. Those words released the seeds of doubt "they" tried to plant within me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plans for the Future

I realized based on my friend's comment that I forgot to include my plans :) I'll start a new seminary in the Fall and I'm very excited for the change. I don't know if that'll mean seminary will take alittle longer, until the end of my first year at my new seminary; then I can petition to have my credits transferred. But, I'm okay if it takes abit longer to finish.

So my focus for now is to complete this semester, then in May get all the planning done that I can, because once CPE starts I won't have much time to take care of things. My wife has started the process to get her certifications and then will start job hunting. As soon as we know where we'll be living then we start looking at schools. Mostly at this point there's more unknowns then known. But as it gets closer to August I'll know most of the things I'll need to know about making the transition from here to the NE.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Transparency and Authenticity

I haven't posted in a very long while. So here's a go at returning...

I told "my seminary" and my fellow seminarians last week that I won't be returning next Fall.

Things here didn't work out; I had hoped that perhaps they would. But I eventually had to let go of that hope and make concrete plans for the sake of my family and my own future.

The journey of this year has taught me alot about myself and institutions. I've learned to listen for what isn't said as closely as to what is spoken; both hold volumes of meaning. I've learned to get it in writing :) I've learned that when a community can't speak truths it poisons all other interactions. I've re-learned being gay in the South requires alot of patience on my part. I've learned in the midst of struggles and pain there is still deep love. I've learned to love a community of people who are very different from me with whom I spend more time with then my family. I've re-learned to be the sound of the voice of the other, and I am thankful for that. I'm learning a theological vocabulary, and finding my theological context. There's more I've learned but, I think will find it's way out over time and distance. My wife learned she could let go of what was once home and to discover home had become somewhere else. They're won't be any I wonder what if around leaving here, for which I am thankful.

It took alot of time to work through the guilt of moving my kiddos again. It took alot of time to let go of the anger and frustration of broken and avoided promises. But now when people say I hear you're leaving, I smile and say yeah, I'm excited about the change.