Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Walked to Work

I walked to work this morning, it's a doable walk if I don't feel like riding my bike, and when riding my bike won't be an option any longer - ya know snow drifts :)

The mornings are almost always sunshine and soft. I'd catch peeks of the lake, and I'm continually surprised by how it looks faded from far away but up close the waters are deep blue-grey.

I did meditate last night, and it was good for me. But, there's a restless unease that isn't going to settle until certain things fall into place. I keep giving these worries back to God...when it gets really bad I image returning to how things were. I'm not really ready to go back, but the near future has me anxious.

And all shall be well, and all shall be well.


Anonymous said...

i had noticed the far away faded almost as if it were a dream that we really live on this enormous, beauty that is the lake when i drive into town from the east. i thought it was just me.

it's like comin home to a dream.

the wife

jsd said...

you're not alone...and very poetic, makes me wanna live there ;-)

San said...

When you mentioned giving things back to God, I had this ridiculous image of you and God playing volleyball. I must be projecting. :-D

I love the description of your walk-- it sounds like a beautiful place. I am sorry you're feeling that unrest though, and I hope the meditation is calming.

jsd said...

san: :) I think maybe playing catch with God would be cool. For me there's something calming about tossing a ball back and forth. The random conversations that "pop up".

It is really beautiful, it'll interesting to see the lanscape tranform through the seasons.