Sunday, March 02, 2008


A twist, a turn, a yo, a loop through
A stitch made, not a knot
Row after row, easy to unravel, yet
it holds

The wind sang to me last night
Longing for company, just for awhile
Just until the moon fades

Feel [an old poem]

Sometimes I feel like the sound of a weeping willow
A cool summer’s day in a field of tan and yellow with nothing but blue in the sky
No sound but for the rustling of leaves and butterfly wings, the scent
of heat wafting only in the stillness

Sometimes I feel like the sound of snow
On a dark cold night with the stars shining down
The smell is like the smell just before a winter’s storm
The sound of my feet sinking under my weight into the freshly fallen snow

Sometimes I feel like the sound of rain
Grey and overcast gloomy
The air tasting metallic against my tongue
Running down my face cleansing away


Lee said...

So, crochet, something really poignant, and a lovely old one. These are really good. I especially like your companionship with the night sky in number 2. The 3rd one is filling me with impressions I'm finding hard to verbalize. I can actually taste the heat of summer in the weeping willow passage.


jsd said...

Lee: thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them. I'm glad you can "taste" the words in the third one - when I wrote this one way back when I was trying to engage the senses.

Lee said...

Wow! Well you succeeded! Wondering when another chapbook of just JS's stuff will be published?

How goes the day my friend?


murat11 said...

Lines to savor:

Longing for company, just for awhile / Just until the moon fades


I like the willow/internal line yellow rhyme.

Also that field of tan and yellow; tan gets so little use as a named color. I like the combination with yellow and the sound of "tan."

I "feel" like the "sound": nice collisions.

Peace be with.

jsd said...

Lee: Another chapbook, someday... :-)

The day goes well, thank you.

Murat: thank you, I too particularly like those lines. I hadn't thought about tan not getting many props, but imagine you're correct.

Peace be to you both.