Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oops and an update

So, I accidentally published a comment I meant to delete...and I think it might have been some virus I deleted the whole post (the Music Vidoes post).

Well, the company in VT got back to me...and the here's still a possibility, but slim - I don't really want to go into details except to say I should know yea or nea by the end of next week.

I know of one other company that is looking at my resume, all the other apps are in that nebulous limbo space. I try to apply to one job a week, but even that gets hard since I'm somewhat specialized.

I still think the way to VT is paved through my wife; she has a skill that more places want then want what I do.

I've began imagining Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D...but won't start to seriously planning/implementing any of them until the end of summer/end of 12 months of job searching for VT job. For now they are just what if day dreams to relieve the stress.

Plan B is just go to seminary here, and either work part-time or not at all.
Plan C is just go to seminary here and dual degree, and either work part-time or not at all.
Plan D is go to another state other then of course TX or VT.

But my heart is still with Plan A, it's still that "plan" that feels most right.


Lee said...

Thanks for the update, JS. Feel free to answer this by email but, how does someone put a virus in a comment?

I'll keep praying for plan A but also anything that works for your good and God's will.

Sorry I missed you in Sunday school but I enjoyed chatting with your wife.


jsd said...

Lee: I don't know it just seemed odd.

Thank you for the continued prayers.

I have an interview with them this Friday afternoon!!

The wife said y'all had a good conversation.


San said...

Hearts have a way of knowing the truth, JS. Come on, Plan A!!!!!

jsd said...

San: I do agree on all counts!