Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekend at ETSS then off to Vermont

It's going to be a busy weekend. The whole family is going with me for visitors weekend at ETSS (the Epsicopal Seminary in Austin); it's our opportunity to be paired up with a seminarian and explore the seminary and all its implications.

I fly up to VT Tuesday, interview Wednesday, and then fly back that afternoon - extra prayers that I have an awesome interview - I'll be meeting with 8 different people, and that I don't miss my flight (the schedule is tight).

To safe travels, and new journeys.


murat11 said...

Here's to a great time in Austin (y'all need to go visit Toy Joy, at 29th and Guadalupe, toy heaven for all ages, lots of cool little knickknacks: you don't have to spend a lot to have fun there: not far from the sem). Here's to everything flowing like smooth Ben and Jerry's up in the VT epicenter.

Peace, love, and sooooooouuuul.

jsd said...

Murat: Thank You, it'll be an interesting time - thanks for the Toy Joy heads's too bad we can't record the this weekend's play - I'm disappointed about missing it.

Yeah, I definitely don't want any rocky road ice cream ;-)

Peace, love, and soul back at ya.

Lee said...

Have fun in Austin, JS! I'm sorry you'll be missing out on something you wanted to see, but thanks again! You will be constantly in my thoughts and prayers for the entire Vermont trip. Eight people, wow! May God's will be done!

Peace! Hope! Joy! & Love!

alt said...

Happy trails to you!

jsd said...

lee/alt: tahnk you both!