Monday, March 03, 2008

What's Up

Bad Management

Hold forth thy tongue
You who speaks through two mouths
Never knowing completely which master
serves you best

Today, was a great day. I'm feeling better, still snot nosed but not fatigued. I've managed to get a little ahead in my tasks. My document is not mine again until Friday. My team is all tasked. So, I got to recharge my batteries catching up with colleagues, spending time alone in my office, not easily accessible to anyone and everyone wanting little bits of me.

I've managed (at least for now) to come to an ok place about not hearing back yet from VT company. I've applied for another job that sounds moves on.


Lee said...

Glad you're feeling better, JS! Should I start thinking badly of that VT company yet? What's this new job you've applied for?


jsd said...

Lee: No, there's no reason to think badly of them. Coincidentally it was for a technical writting position with a background in software.

Lee said...

Sounds right up your alley. :) Ok, I won't think badly of the companies who haven't rushed to hire least not yet.

I'm doing a job fair website company search right now. It's kind of boring because each company has different ways to describe a job. Sheesh! And we complain about legalese.

Good Luck! & Prayers ascending!