Tuesday, February 26, 2008


...so i'm feeling sorry for myself, and worried i won't be excited when i get the next email from said VT company. i think maybe i'm scared they've hired someone else. and i'm scared about putting my square self into a round hole that really wants to be a triangle - ya know.

maybe if i look at the world upside down it'll all look better.

do you think god ever gets tired of us giving him the same stuff over and over?

there are no more fumes, and the car has sputtered to a stop...so maybe if i look at the world upside, and ask god what he thinks of all this...


alt said...

Buy a lottery ticket. I like to buy one when I send something to a publisher so the idea that they might say yes isn’t the least likely result of my day’s activities. I’m sure I must be skewing the odds a bit. Plus, think how easy lottery money would make a move to Vermont.
Don’t worry, chica, it’s just road construction. :-d

jsd said...

alt: not a bad idea, I'll have to get two, one for Thursday and one for Friday. Thank you for the encouragement.

San said...

JS, I always stew over situations like this. It's so unpleasant.

I do, find, however, that making the inquiry to God, phrasing it very carefully, seems to work better than anything else. When I take the time to word my prayer very carefully, I often learn more about what I truly want in the first place.

Then too, you could always hang upside down when you pray. Whatever works, hon, whatever works.

jsd said...

San: Thank you...I've decided to forego the upside down idea, as I'm on way to yet another snotty cold...but, careful phrasing I can do :-)

murat11 said...

I like the lottery ticket idea. Plentiful applications for that axiom, methinks. Think of the mucus as fear running its course, right on out the body.


Lee said...

Ok, prayers are being said for your health. I missed you at church today.

Hope your cold clears up in time for Paschal and Tina's dance party. I'm attending and bringing a new friend. Yeah it's a guy.

Not that I expect this to change your mood significantly, but...any company that doesn't hire you is not worth working for. You're careful, considerate, professional, dedicated and too many other good things to list. I could write a mini dictionary about your good qualities. So remember those, or list a few of them that you like and breath them in when that call comes.


jsd said...

murat: fear and snot do seem to go together...been mostly successful in getting it out of my body.

lee: thank you for your kind words, they felt nice...cool about having someone to bring to dance with!!