Tuesday, March 04, 2008

For Fun

If you're interested in personality types, and are curiuos about what your Myers-Briggs might be, then check out: http://similarminds.com/personality_tests.html. Then find and select one of the Jung Tests I-E S-N F-T J-P.

I'm a ENFJ -

Overall ENFJ's are the Idealists - this particular letter combo is Teacher.

This link, http://www.keirsey.com/handler.aspx?s=keirsey&f=fourtemps&tab=3&c=teacher , will take you to Teacher; however, information about the 16 other types are there too.


Lee said...

Totally interesting bits of info. As an INTJ I'm a rationalist and also a mastermind. Haven't quite figured out what all that means yet but more reading will happen. :) I think teacher fits you well when you think of you as preacher.


murat11 said...

Well, we may not be Sister Gandhis, but we're in the same MyersBriggs boat: ENFJ. Evidently (J) we both like closure on things.

jsd said...

murat: we can be sister idealists no? I am glad that we get to share a boat. Do you think two ENFJs in a boat paddling would cause the boat to go in circles ;-)