Friday, March 07, 2008


I'm angry with you...well, I was really angry with you yesterday, today....disappointed in a very understated way. Why open a door just enough to get my hopes up and then leave it cracked like a taunt and that just really makes me angry.

I've even tried asking the earthly people, but they DON'T REPLY EITHER. You both just suck.

Well, mister high and mighty, I'm not moving without one of us having a job. I just don't get what it is you want from me. Could you just possibly for a little while let go the silent cryptic shit?

Huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.


more cows than people said...


jsd said...

more cows: thank you...i thought i was past the sting.

Lee said...

JS, I hear your frustrations. You can use my shoulder if you need it. Or just take a big warm hug of comfort and support if that works better. I'll keep the light of belief in your calling burning because I know it will happen. Like you are discovering, I just don't know when.

Love! Peace! & Hope!

jsd said...

lee: thank you, thanks for today - hugs, love, and peace back at ya.

San said...

I've prayed very similar angry words myself. Someone's listening. And they're listening to all of the levels of meaning of your words.

The hard part is they want you to listen too. To what's behind your own words. Been there, done that. It's a killer.

I hope things get better. Soon.

jsd said...

san: yeah, I've had to spend some time with this...I know what drove the anger and frustration...I was afraid to post this, but I decided to give myself permission to be angry with God and to express it outside my own head and not feel guilty about it (though I sorta do feel guilty).