Friday, March 21, 2008

Tagging Along a Tag

These seven are from someone else's tag then morphed by murat11 into this:

1. "I am a lip balm addict." - No, I really don't like lip balm. My daughter is in love with the stuff - any color, any flavor, even Vaseline. I will every once in a while break down buy some with absolutely no smells or taste, use it once maybe twice only to find myself giving it to my daughter. Bluck.

2. "I can walk pretty fast in high heels" - Not at all. I've never even owned a pair. I've tried them on for the experience, which left me bewildered as to why anyone would ever want to wear such contraptions obviously designed by someone from one of Dante's lower levels of hell.

3. "I love broccoli" - I like broccoli if it's cooked; otherwise, on my palate it's dry and bland and I feel myself making the eewww face as I type this.

4. "My current favorite movie is ‘A Star is Born’" - No, this movie is almost before my time. I have two current favortie movies: 'Bound' and 'Fire'.

5. "I really missed seeing the Oscars this year" - I don't normally watch the Oscars, but the one year I did was fantastic for one reason - can we give it up for Bjork and her swan dress - classic.

6. "I love making (and eating) good American pancakes" - I do enjoy a good pancake, but in our house this is typically a weekend breakfast hence the wife cooks them. But, my favorite way to have pancakes is with fruit inside.

7. "I have a dozen scarves" - Nope, I have one scarf that I crocheted for myself. And I think somewhere in our wardrobe we have a necktie of ALTs. But, in the '80s I did own two of those skinny ties. I'd wear ties if my co-workers wouldn't look at me funny - ties are pretty cool. Scarves are pretty, but they just don't say me.


murat11 said...

Well done, jsd:

1. I thought the last word was "Buick," not "Bluck." Buick is about how I feel about Vaseline.

2. You are ahead of your time, girl. Where oh where is your inner Rick James?

3. Broccoli ain't gettin' much love these daze, is she?

4. I like that statement, "ALMOST before my time."

5. Bjork and her swan dress I must go see. Google up. Oops. I just did. Think I'll continue the boycott.

6. There was a gas station turned cafe in New Orleans that served some mighty fine banana pancakes. Almost ruined, however, by their Satanic choice of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter," because I could easily believe it wasn't.

7. Before my Armani whoredom, I had a couple of nifty skinny ties, used to wear 'em with a sleeves rolled up white shirt and some very cool retro slacks. At the Varsity Theater in Austin, I was invariably mistaken for one of the ushers. Ties are cool, and those Tom Slickers should know better.

Thanks for playing. Happy Holy Week.

San said...

JS, you've already read my blow-by-blow response over at Paschal's place. You've made me think of two other things I should mention with regard to 6 and 7.

6. In Playa del Carmen (of all places) we had some fabulous crepes that were stuffed with fruit and granola.
7. In high school I somehow managed to wear a scarf of my mother's tied like a necktie. It went with a certain outfit that included a little red vest. And a skirt, not pants. I had forgotten it until Flan and I were looking at a photo album at my mom's. "Oh wow, you are wearing a TIE, Mom!" It was one of my prouder moments. I'd impressed my offspring retroactively.

I enjoyed reading your answers, JS. Through such silly itemizing of traits, we do learn more about each other. The Swan dress--YES! Haven't seen Bound and Fire. Thanks for the recommendations. Sensible shoes--the older I get, the more I see the rightness of the concept. This winter I've remained in flat boots. But summer begs for the high wedge-heeled sandals! I work alone and so I don't have to worry about the coworkers looking funny at a 54-year-old wearing shoes that are too young. The visiting tourists think of me as an eccentric artistic type. They've got that right.

alt said...

Waitaminute! The blue and tan plaid tie?! I thought I lost that?! (Insert sound of moral outrage.) First Vermont, now this? Sometimes I feel like I just don’t know you anymore. (Insert sound of disconsolate suffering.)

Lee said...

Ok, you own fewer scarves than I do, absolutely no high heels, and have better taste in movies than Ms Rigby. What I want to know is, "How'd the interview go?"

Peace! Love! & Hope!

jsd said...

hi guys - thank you for your wonderful responses, but I'm very tired, a good tired, but tired none the less. so i'll reply more over the weekend. good friday's mass left me in tears...and tears usually drain me.

i will say the interview went very well...most likely they'll ask me to fly up for a final interview but i won't know until sometime next week. so thank you for the prayers...please keep them coming.

murat11 said...

Great job on the readings tonight, jsd. Seemed a nice affirmation of the unfolding discernment, too.

jsd said...

murat: thank you for the did have a feeling of rightness.