Saturday, February 16, 2008

Page 123 Book Meme

So, I went over to Aurora's blog,, and she had an interesting meme. I self-tagged.

(1) Grab the nearest book that has 123 pages in it
(2) Go to page 123
(3) Find the fifth sentce
(4) Type fifth sentence and next three
(5) Tag whomever (San, Lee, Murat, ALT)

The book I grabbed was Leo Tolstoy's, "The Kingdom of God Is Within You".

And it reads...
But all the experience of history teaches us that they cannot be altogether suppressed so
long as two men are left on earth, with bread, mony, and a woman between them.
I should be very happy if Congress would prove me in error. But I doubt if it can prove
history, nature, and God in error also.
I am, dear sir, etc. E.M. de Vogue
This amounts to saying that history, human nature, and God show us that so long as there
are two men, and bread, money and a woman - there will be war.
The book is about (taken from the back of the book):
...provocative antiestablishment pieces of literature...
...doctrine of radical nonviolence that Tolstoy understands Jesus to have articulated in the
Sermon on the Mount...
This was going to be my Lenten reading, but has become overcome by 2 OJT books I want/need to have finished reading by mid-February, and "The Great Awakening" that I'll have to extend from the library.


Lee said...

Hey JS!
I did this one and then tagged you for the one Sandi tagged me for. It's just above the JS's meme one.

Thanks for the good meme!


murat11 said...

I particularly like this meme. I think it could easily sprout some nifty copycats. Something to do with bookshelves. Or backs of toilets: wherever the bulk of one's library nestles. Perhaps ALT's file boxes. And y'all's.

jsd said...

murat: oowww, what's in your bathroom could be fun - ALT's files - it may burns our eyes out.

San said...

Didn't know you'd tagged me for this. I posted my response over at Murat's. Wish I'd had something pithier nearby. Maybe I'll try it again...