Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bad poetry

Fried, my brain is fried
poke my middle and I'll
Please don't poke my middle,
trying to contain too much information
under the dilicate membrane
Fried, but still sunny side up


Lee said...

Wow, loved the way you ooozzzzeeeddd, JS! What set the fire under your brain? Glad there's a sunny side to all of you. If you need the top of your brain cooked, pour a little vermouth over the and put a lid on the pan (a la gourmet).


murat11 said...

I'm with Lee on this one: you cannot call poetry "bad," when you're invoking such an awesome word/state of mind as "ooozzzzeee," now can you?

jsd said...

well I'm glad you both enjoyed the 'ooozzzzeee' :-)

What fried my brain - a 50+ hour work week and preparing for my technical interview.