Thursday, February 21, 2008

Banged me head and assortments

No blood, no bruise, no evidence
Eyes looking almost through my head
Fingers probing tenderness

Hit so hard, fierce echo and shake
Hold my head to still inner quake
Prolonged moan of surprise

Just how exactly did I manner that


Five cups of caffine a day habit of late
Too tired to wake, too tired to sleep
A deprivation of sorts
An indulgence of sorts

Though they say I've smiled more of late
Random bits of song escape
Less frazzled laughter
The jade begins to fade


Clicked to PBS
Students interviewing successful people
On how they found success
Listen to that inner voice
Follow different paths
You just know when it's right
Stable and secure don't really go with take a chance
this just might be it

The Today show featured Vermont today
This evening featured finding one's calling


Lee said...

Sorry to hear about your owie, JS!

I liked the 5 cups of caffeine, especially the part about you smiling more of late. I do too much coffee sometimes. Yesterday it was sugar as work gave out cookies.

That bit about take a chance not really going with safe and secure has me thinking. I didn't see the PBS interview.


murat11 said...

frazzled jade / fierce jake
exactly prolonged.
different paths just might
shake the more
of late, the sorts
of fingers probing:
less stable,
more secure:
they clicked &
found today,
the evening of one's calling.

jsd said...

muart: thank you for the view through your lense.

San said...

Ouch! I hate the feeling of suddenly bumping my head--it does echo rather unpleasantly.

I am glad that your "random bits of song escape." I like to listen.

Channel surfing for insights--our contemporary version of bibliomancy.

jsd said...

San: yeah it was the corner of the metal towel rack, so I really thought there'd be blood; but no, just pain.

My goobereque stolen jingle of late is...I'm a pepper, you're a pepper, wouldn't you like to be a pepper too - jalapeƱo!

Teleomancy - watch out websters.