Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today's Sermon

Today's sermon really struck a cord for me. The priest, she, spoke of thinking of Lent as a pilgramage time. And I thought about how I had been in an extended Advent, that season of expectations, and that now, just maybe, just maybe, the next step of the journey - the next major motion - is about to transpire: moving closer to the place where God is at waiting for me to arrive.

Part of me is scared about getting too excited about Tuesday, because the let-down will really suck. This company is one of those places where you use words like "dream job." That if God is only calling me to Vermont, then this job is a safe harbor, a good place to grow, a place of intergity. But if the call is to more, than this job becomes a place to polish skills that will help me be a better priest.

Well, gotta run, the wife needs the computer and I have studying to do.


Lee said...

Isn't it amazing how different people will hear the same sermon and each get something meaningful from it? She was good.

That's an interesting concept about extended seasons. Yes, I think God sets the seasons as He wills. When I was younger and a newbie Christian we used to refer to him as "the 11:59 God", implying by that phrase that he did things on his own schedule and not ours. As frustrating as it seems, he does have you on the path and patience and the ability to hold onto peace will be a vital skill for you in your ministry. But I think I've said that before. Sigh, memory goes. :) Remind me if I get repetitive please.

Peace! Hope! & Joy, my friend!

murat11 said...

jsd: I thought Linda's sermon was very fine. I feel like I've been in my own foggy spiritual wilderness for a while now: her characterization of all manner of wildernesses was quite apt and certainly spoke to me.

May you continue to feel the Presence while on your pilgrimage.

jsd said...

murat11: I hope your wilderness has been full of locust and honey, and that the fog lifts, there's something mystical about fog though...
...I drew a mandala not too long was of a priest in the desert at sunset with a wind blowing through...I think I'm leaving the desert and heading for the mountains, but part of me thinks one day the desert will beckon me back.

lee: It is amazing how words reach us all differently - that's a small slice of beauty. I'm actually not impatient feeling right now, but hey that may be different tomorrow ;-) There's nothing wrong with repetition, there maybe something that's needed to be heard just one more time.