Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who is the Girl

Who is the girl, who
Stands slightly alone but near enough
Her eyes shift and follow movements
Like breath

Who is the girl, who
Would hold your hurts but doesn’t
Let go of her own

Who is the girl, who
Wants to walk with you but hasn't
Quite figured it out herself


San said...

JS, I find the open-endedness of this very appealing. Suggests a separate person, also aspects of the self. Conjures loneliness and at the same time, self-containment. Thank you for posting it.

murat11 said...

I think I know. Annie Lennox, right?

Nice meditation: "Her eyes shift and follow movements / like breath." Very nice.

jsd said...

san, thank you and you're welcome.

murat, no, not Annie, but thank you for the smile.

San said...

JS, you've been tagged over at my place. Just a silly questionnaire.

Hear you had a great Thanksgiving.

jsd said...

On my way over :-)