Sunday, November 04, 2007

Right Brain - Left Brain

Here's a fun right brained or left brained link:

The first time I took it, I first saw counter clockwise, and then it suddenly switched. But now she spins clockwise and no shift.

The apartment is 90% unpacked, and that's a major relief. I've gotten my internet up and running again. It seems the cat ate through my ethernet cable - ugh. Happily a replacement cable was inexpensive.

I've got two chapters of EFM to get done by Tuesday as well as prepare a worship for this Tuesday's's to speed reading. But, I'm torn between relaxing and watching a couple episodes of The L Word (season 3) and being studious.

I need to pack Wednesday for Cursillo. I'm excited about going, but I really dislike leaving my family for more than a day. I need to remember to give my ride directions to my new apartment. Maybe I should do that nect and soon.

I was EM/Chalice Bearer for the first time today; and it felt really right and comfortable. Prior to service I was pretty nervous but all went well.

Well, I'm off to call my ride.

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Lee said...

That right brain - left brain thing is cool! When I first look it tries to turn and then freezes for a moment. Then it turns clockwise. So I'm right brained. Which totally surprises me. I figured I was logical. I follow the rules. Facts rule, or so I thought. But from a little more than halfway down the list of right brain functions I noticed that those aspects did indeed meet my personality and skills. Strange! I sort of wish I could make it go the other way some too just to see if I could do it. But I'm happy to be on the believing and fantasy side. Knowing an objects function is cool. :)

When I went to the Herald Sun sight and scrolled up and down I noticed that the image froze. No turning till I stopped scrolling. I wonder what that means.

Thanks for posting that test. Have a GREAT Cursillo! I'll be praying for you.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!