Tuesday, November 20, 2007


ALT got my wife a beginners knitting kit for her birthday a little over a month ago. Once my wife started to get the hang of it I asked her if she would show me too. And it's a good thing she's learning all the stitches first, because there's something about knitting that almost works counter-intuitive to my brain.

My wife is thinking her first project will be a scarf, and I'm thinking socks for mine. But I need to spend some more time with the knit stitch and probably need to learn the pearl stitch before I can begin socks. Oh yeah, and how to increase and decrease stitches.

The wife's next lesson involved knitting with four needles at once - I think she decided to skip that lesson as it sounded intimidating. I'm still trying to imagine how that would work.

I'm hoping to get fluid enough with knitting that I can turn it into a meditation/prayer excerise, but first I need to make more then two rows of stitches :-)

So, next Christmas you know what you all may be getting right ;-) Socks and scarves!


Lee said...

Good luck with the knitting both of you, JS. If I get socks for next Christmas I'll be very glad!


jsd said...

lol, I'll be glad too if you get socks.

david mcmahon said...

Socks would do me just fine!

Have a ggreat Thanksgiving.

jsd said...

David: Aw thank you, and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving too!