Monday, November 12, 2007

Be Grateful for Every Experience part ii

Be Grateful for Every Experience part ii

It’s hard to know what to say about my Cursillo experience, as I’ve only just gotten back and there’s still much to process. I went to Cursillo for two main reasons: (1) People who had gone kept saying I should go, and (2) the people who have gone I have immense respect for. I understand now why fellow Cursillitos get vague about Cursillo, it truly is something that must be experienced firsthand, and to say too much will take away from the experience if you’ve not been. I can say that your experience of Cursillo will be as unique as you are. If you want to live more fully into Christ you should go, if you’re trying to discern your role in your church and the world you should go, if you want to see Christ in others you should go. If you go, plan to eat a lot, cry a lot, sleep a little, and stack the mattresses if your Cursillo is at Camp Capers.

The word devistating from the "part i" post sticks out, and in some ways it was a devistating experience in both senses that the word can be used. I just worry that that particular word will be was not my whole experience...but it I believe it is that devistation that will bring the most feeling...and for now there will be no more on that...


Lee said...

JS, you're right. You Cursillo was unique to you and different from mine. You also got the good reasons for going right too. :) I hope there was something in it that you will grow from. It took me a while to figure out where my growth was happening...or at least some of it. From your earlier post, I'm wondering what the "nectar" was that your butterfly found?

Peace & Hope! Joy too!

jsd said...

Lee: The nectar I can readily identify was my fellow Cursillitos' stories and the sharing of mine.

Peace and Hope and Joy back at ya!