Monday, November 12, 2007

Be Grateful for Every Experience

I left for my Cursillo Thursday evening, and this was the Weekly Guidance awaiting me on my return from Cursillo, Sunday night:

Eileen’s Weekly Guidance 9.11.07 Be Grateful for every experience‏

Be Grateful for every experience

Be Grateful for every experience in life which draws you ever closer to Me, no matter how devastating that experience may appear to be at the time. I keep telling you that good comes out of everything for those who truly love Me and put Me first in everything. Why not open your eyes and see this come about? Look for the best and see the best come out of every situation. Put your whole faith and trust in Me.
I think right now that’s the best I can do to describe my Cursillo experience. Would I recommend Cursillo to someone else…Yes. Only time will tell if what I think I got out of Cursillo will hold true. So, until then, I need to process the experience, and see what transformation comes, if any, I think I went a butterfly already – but there was nectar there, so I look forward to seeing how that fed me.

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