Monday, November 05, 2007

The almost wasn't closing

Well, my wife and I signed the closing paperwork; first we thought we would get to close today, then we where told we couldn't; then we got the call asking if we could. But the realitor still needs to drop off the certified survey tomorrow morning, and the buyers can't close until tomorrow around 5pm since for some reason the Title Company person wasn't able to stay past 5pm today. So, we're not quite done yet...and here's to praying that we won't have to resign anything which is apparently a slight possibility.

My neighbor saw the new couple at the house yesterday, and she said they were taking pictures of the house and them in front of the house with big smiles. I'm really glad they're excited about the house. It's been a good house to us and well loved.

I just can't wait for the call that says the loan was funded.


Lee said...

Congratulations...and I hope that call comes soon! Maybe you can take a photo of you and the kids in your new place as a image of the start of your journey forward.


jsd said...

Lee: thanks for the congratulations, but until I get the "loan was funded" call, it's going to remain a little nerve racking.