Saturday, August 25, 2007

So Who Can Name When Logic Saved the Day

I would be curious to know when logic saved the day, "the day" being equality issues (e.g., racism, bigotry, women's rights).

Does anyone know of such a "day"? Would we call Martin Luther King Jr. a logician, or Gandhi or Lucy Stone?

Just curious.

Oh you gail force wind
You emotional beast you
You are just too emotional

No, no I am the fire of passion
It is your heart I hope to ignite
As your head is an ice fortress


murat11 said...

You got that right. What they had, it seems, was a flood of love and courage, and thousands in the streets. Or, as Aslan might say, the "deeper" logic.

alt said...

Actually, they were students of logic - Gandhi was certainly. A lot of his writing displays clear reasoning on how the oppression of one part of society weakens the entire society, and how promoting equality ensures a stable government because its citizens are content. Compassion is a logical course of action and the Golden Rule is brilliant in its simplicity. It’s a big river between Fascism and Anarchy, don’t be afraid to go sailing.

jsd said...

problably random in my reply, but, there's a book by Leo Tolstoy callled The Kingdom of God is Within You. Apparently this boo had a profound effect on MLK and Gandhi. So, I bought's to profound effects.

murat11 said...

jsd: I'm with alt on the issue of Gandhi's being a logician: he was, after all, a Libra, an air sign, the element of mind, and, of course, also a lawyer (initially). Pure logic, deeper logic, true logic, what have you.

If you think about it, part of what is so galling to us about the forces of oppression anywhere (certainly including our particular focus with TEC), is that inclusion seems crystal clear in its logic. My mind has never been able to get around something as idiotic as enacted or legislated bigotry. I may have my own bigotries, but I would never want to see them foisted upon anyone.

BUT, BUT, BUT: this is all missing the point of your rave, which comes from the heart and is a jeremiad full of real pain. Anger and outrage and heart are the cardinal points: it doesn't get started without them.

Burn on.