Monday, August 20, 2007


Up until 2 years ago I was running on what is considered an ancient box, a Windows 95 Packard Bell that had to follow a specific sequence of "power up" events else forgetaboutit.

Now "I" have a glintzy new computer running XP (not ready to venture into Vista land) with a cable modem. My friend who helped me spec the box out, was like man, you have this superfast machine and your strangling it with dial-up. And I most admit we didn't use the computer much because dial-up took most websites forever to load. So I ask my wife if we had it in the budget to get a broadband internet provider. And well she said yes, so now we use our computer all the time.

Then somewhere between installing an MS OS update and the power going out - death, or well near death. The machine was breathing but couldn't respond. So I called my computer guru friend and he told me to bring it over...3 days later he was able to retrieve all my files off the C:\ and finally get the OS to reinstall.

I missed my computer, I missed visiting the blogs I read, and the news, email, looking up random question asked by the kiddos, I missed being able to research stuff. I felt oddly disconnected.

But, now the computer is well again...and appears to be functioning normally.Hats off to my friend who saved me and la famalia a small chunk of change.


Lee said...

And we missed you! Welcome back to the land of "the connected"! :)


jsd said...

Thanks Lee.

murat11 said...

Not a happy day to be unplugged. Maybe healthy, but not happy. Welcome back.

jsd said...

murat11: I hear ya. Thanks.