Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Zealand Prayer Book

I've just begun to sit with the New Zealand Prayer book...there's a richness within these pages, no, more a warmth, a spark to the tinder of the personal God, a language of inclusion deliberately written into their corporate worship.

My meditation, this promise, to dwell within comes from this book:
"NN, we praise God for your commitment to serve Christ in the order of priests. Serve patiently and cheerfully, remembering that the work you are called to do is God's work; it is in God's hand, and it is done in God's name to God's glory. Follow Christ whose servant you are. Share the burden of those whose cross is heavy. You are marked as a person who proclaims that among the truly blessed are the poor, the troubled, the powerless, the persecuted. You must be prepared to be what you proclaim. Serve Christ simply and willingly, and let your joy in Christ overcome all discouragement. Have no fear; be humble and full of hope."

I thought I needed to avoid the muck and the mire. I thought I would become lost within in it, and I had because I forgot that the journey is to be shared. I mustn't avoid the muck and the mire, but I must walk through it, in it, and out of it with Christ and because of Christ. I let my feet walk with arrogance that this I do alone; I let my feet walk with pride that this I can do alone.

How long until my heart melts
How long until my heart trusts
Within You and through You
You are my Light and my Way


murat11 said...

jsd: I love the NZ Prayer Book: like it came straight from Maori consciousness: no way I can believe it was put together by white men in suits (or knee britches): it is so simple and beautiful, like where justice is headed, only the liturgy is already there. Have you found a good online access to it?

I thought Mary Earle's Celtic prayers had the same qualities.

Peace/out: pmb

jsd said...

murat11: I finally bought a copy; I had an amazon promo coupon and used it towards the nzpb.

Yeah, I agree, Celtic prayers are earthy and rooted in the now and you of God.

peace back