Thursday, August 30, 2007

Undermining the Episcopal Church Series

The Episcopal Majority blog is putting together a series on the undermining of the Episcopal Church, and I've found it to be quite informative.

Here's the links to Part 1 and Part 2:

  • Undermining the Episcopal Church, Part 1

  • Undermining The Episcopal Church, Part 2

  • Happy reading.

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    murat11 said...

    Striking how the movement to undermine TEC mirrors the neo-conservative "coups" that grew up around the Iraq war: fear-mongering and the ascendancy of a small mob of authoritarians. Thankfully, the neo-cons do not have the "votes" in the Episcopal Majority, though they may have them on a global sense.

    More and more, it seems to me that TEC needs to show up, stand firm, and let the chips fall. Part of me thinks that no one is going to be thrown out of the Communion; it's more a matter of people walking away (or storming off). Let the stormers storm off. On the other hand, what do we really lose by leaving (or being thrown out)? This may be a club we don't want to belong to anyway. We can Do Justice plenty well without it, and probably much better at that.