Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's On Your Desktop

Oh my...it's really rather sad...the default IBM display. There was a time when it was a Fall day with a red, red barn...a moon on the horizon...the house with the colors of Mexico...but alas, my work computer seems incapable of holding any image but - the default. Nor does my computer at home have anything but the default displayed. Perhaps the time has come to change the default display.

As an aside, we went up and got my new job blessed and our move to Vermont blessed this past Sunday. My pastor surprised me in a good way...he told the congregation the truth about why we were moving. So here's his big cyber "Thank You".

I'm 98% certain we've managed to find a rental home. But the deposit check goes into the mail tonight once I'm 100% certain. The wife continues to job search and interview.

And what the wife calls "sticker shock" has begun to ebb. I've had to work through some of my own "not enough money" demons. In that I grew up low middle class, and I didn't want that for my children, so I've some processing to do. Cause quite frankly the downward slide hasn't stopped yet. We'll hit the low end of the curve come seminary (assuming it comes). But, as I long as I can keep them clothed, fed, and sheltered; hopefully love will make up for the rest.

Blessings to y'all.


Lee said...

Don't worry JS. Love will fill the rest. And by making do and creating things from scratch instead of doing it the quick and convenient way your kids will learn skills they might not have learned otherwise. I'm thrilled for you.

Yay for Robert! That was really good of him.

I'm excited all over the place for you. Please keep posting all those details. Want to know the layout of house, how far from job, and all those other details, like which church to try first, school ratings and whatnot.


murat11 said...

I think I know that red red barn: I've used it meself.

Love will make up for it and more.

San said...

Would've loved to see the house with the colors of Mexico, the red barn, the moon on the horizon. But I guess I just did anyway. ;-D

Money worries. Being self-employed in a very competitive, sometimes stupid business, our family always experienced changing financial tides. And our kids "turned out" great. If you have enough money for those basics, you're right--love WILL make up for the rest.

jsd said...

san: thank you for the reassurance!