Saturday, April 12, 2008

The latest news

I've discovered that 50+ work weeks kick my butt...I looked in the mirror this morning and my first thought was wow you look like shit. Maybe it'll wear off with some sun.

My telephone interview yesterday went really well. It was a very different experience from the first company. It was more like a conference call in that the company had the IT director in the room as well as the IT guys I'd be working with on the call too. Then they proceeded to first tell me about themselves, and then ask me if I had questions about them - pretty cool. The next part was typical interview stuff - tell me about what you do, how do you see that work translate into the work we do stuff. Then they told me that they're still interviewing people but I'd hear from them within the next week or so, and would I like a phone call or email (I said email since my phone will be mostly off the next two weeks since I have clients in town Monday). Even if I don't get the job - it lifted my spirits - that nice reminder that not all companies treat potential employees like doodoo.

Another position I applied for emailed to say I'm under consideration - so maybe just maybe there's hope yet.


murat11 said...

It's good to know that there's "plenty" out there. Small little haven like VT, I get to thinking the choices are limited, but sounds like that ain't (happily) the case. You want the right ones, and they will want you, happily matched. God knows y'all want the babies through school this year, and she's got her timing down just right.

I like the idea that sometimes the interview may just be a gift to lift the spirits, water the seeds of hope and faith.

Lee said...

JS, that does sound like a really welcoming interview. I've heard the good ones make you want to work for the place. I'm glad you feel better.

There's always hope!