Friday, May 02, 2008

Transposing Influx

slowly the good byes begin
slowly the last of this and that end
long drive ahead packed with my most precious
onward mountains, onward cold, onward small slice of my heart

somewhere between spaces
how long the paces to the de ja vu beginning
no turning back, no repentance
onward rush, onward unavoidable, onward large slices of my heart


murat11 said...

Beautiful, jsd: reminds me of my own journey into the cold adventurous (but not nearly so cold as all the naysayers would have it) north of idaho. onward rush indeed.

then again, there are some nice juicy watermelon slice-sized chunks of my heart up vermont-way, too: waldenVT, site of renewals; burlingtonVT, site of hippie heaven; the mad river valleyVT, site of all things wondrously mad river; and of course, waterburyVT, site of all things jenandbarry's yummy.

race on, girlfriends.

Lee said...

Joy and pain fill my heart

As our paths begin to part

I know that time and God will keep

Our lives in touch for he does keep

The pair of us as friends in his hand

While you explore the long sought land

Of service and love to give to all

While working to fulfill your call.

God I'm gonna miss you!


jsd said...

murat: thank you and you and yours are always welcome to come stay with us...maybe walk down some memories whilst enjoying som B&J.

lee: thank you for a beautiful send off reply :-)

more cows than people said...

i relate to this strongly as our goodbyes are beginning. thank you.

jsd said...

more cows: i hope for the very best in your new beginnings too.

San said...

Poignant, JS. I feel your excitement over your new beginning, following the urging of your heart. And I also feel your pain in pulling up roots, saying good-bye to precious friends such as Lee and Paschal.

Thank goodness for blogging!

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...Vaya con Dios.

jsd said...

san: thank you for the prayers, and I am glad too for all of our blogs :-)