Sunday, January 13, 2008

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

This morning while walking the dogs I asked God for a sign, basically asking if I'm following the right call. I've been feeling discouraged lately as I'm down to one "active" application out there in the nethers.

And well God does have a wonderful sense of humor...the family and I went to a local sub shop. The sub shop has TVs set-up for the enjoyment of its customers, and while sitting there I looked up at this odd commercial, I came into it near the beginning but not quite. There were all these people with shiny things reflecting the light into a neighborhood. My first thought was that they were trying to bring love into the world...but alas no they where trying to keep Monday from coming. But, for me here's God's humor - the last image is all text:
you're calling is calling

How sweet is that!

I EMed (Eucharistic Minister/Chalice Bearer) for only the second time today, and it was months ago since the first time and there where two priests so the flow went different then from today's with just one. And it didn't go horrid, just lots off oddness that left me feeling frazzled and a bit embaressed. Ah well, I'm sure it'll be even more months before I get to go up again. I have no idea how other team leads put their schedules together, but it isn't well thought out most of the time. But enough of complaining and embaressment.

Back to signs...quite a few years ago I went to an angel psychic out of curiousity. I don't remember much of the details now. At the time I had 4 neandrethalic angels that encircled me. A rainbow river that meant something good, and when my angels wanted to let me know that I needed to remember love that I'd see butterflies. And the only specific question I can remember asking was what was I supposed to do with my writing; the answer was that the angels would not let her see, that they had pulled a veil over the answer, that I had to figure that one out for myself. And so when I dare to believe it will be so, I've the answer now - sermons.

Much love and many blessings.


Lee said...

Great post, JS! Yep, God definitely has a sense of humor and I think he will use anything he can to reach us. Glad you saw your sign. (g)

As to the flow changes, well, that would be confusing to me, but hey, at least the candles were lit, right? (g)When I started EMing, a priest friend told me that if the service was perfect it wasn't done for Christ.


jsd said...

The candles were lit, but we were missing a chalice and the other EM thought we were missing purificators, sigh.

Thank you for sharing what your priest friend said. As a perfectionist to a fault, I beat myself up for quite a long time afterwards, and still alittle today. But, it's something I know I need to work through so that my perfectionist tendencies don't get the best of me. Because, it wasn't my first nor is it my last (dang it :-)).

murat11 said...

I'm the Right Call

shiny things
in the nethers
bring love into
the world

your monster is calling
trying to keep Monday
from coming

it was months ago
where two priests
were different:

frazzled and embarrassed,
my angel psychic
was out
of curiosity

neanderthal and circling
something to believe
something to remember

something to specify
the question.

jsd said...

murat11: thank you for another beautiful poem. I know this is a simple reply to both this poem and the other - but the thank yous are always heartfelt.