Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolutions, bah

No, no resolutions this year. Perhaps because I feel like I'm still learning to live in now and not hurry up and get there mode. There are so many unknowns before for me, that to not totally stress out, I can only do what I can, and the rest is up to God and myself. One of my latest discussions with my Spiritual Director was about me still being in that season of Advent, that expectant waiting. I do know I need to give myself more quiet time for reflection, more time to just be, and not always filling every spare moment with something. It's like I won't allow my mind idleness. If I'm sitting it's active sitting not just being. If I'm moving it's to get somewhere. If I'm sleeping I'm dreaming. I think I lost my off switch :-)

So on New Year's Day I officiated Morning Prayer into the great silence. I walked the labrynth with my usual speed in the glow of a rising sun [I'll post video later]. I drove home with silence. And entered my life. I am blessed with a wonderful life, and God has blessed me my entire life.

Thank you to all who are a piece of my life, much love, new journeys, and many blessings.


San said...

Lovely post, JS. "Learning to live in now and not hurry up and get there mode..." Something we all need to learn, also knowing to leave some things up to God.

I look forward to the labyrinth video.

You speak of God's blessing your entire life. Funny. Today is my 22nd anniversary and I posted about that same feeling of being blessed beyond expectations.

jsd said...

Thank you San, and a very happy anniversary to you.

murat11 said...

I like the idea that our lives and bodies run on their own rhythms, that just because liturgical Advent is come and gone doesn't mean that our own "calendars" are at the same pace.

Recently was reminded that elephant gestation is something like 22 months. What an "expectant waiting" that must be.

Here's to all our waitings and arrivals.

jsd said...

murat: Yeah, it was like light bulbs going off...I hadn't quiet put the two concepts together.

Hmmm, it's no wonder elephants have long memories ;-)