Monday, January 14, 2008

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs and humor

I was going through my emails this morning, and one of my daily emails is my horoscope, here it is:
"Yes, all this waiting is probably making you absolutely crazy, and yes, you're due for the universe to toss you just one tiny bone. Now, stop whining. Nothing happens until it's supposed to happen, and no matter how hard you try, you can't change that. Deal with it."

Utterly perfect, utterly true, one has to smile and laugh at ones self sometimes.

It's going to be an odd week this one:
Monday: Dropped car off for service, standard stuff, just puts major kink in families schedule.
Tuesday: Finish root canal work. Now I'm pertified of the dentist but I can't wait to get this work finished.
Wednesday: Back to different dentist to get fit for a new crown (old one was what sent me to Tuesday dentitst in the first place). About a week later get the crown "installed".

So, come Thursday I'll either be smiles or frazzled or maybe a little of both. To have my week topped off by the bishop visiting our church Sunday. I keep thinking I don't want to go. I don't want to see this man nor hear him preach. But, part of me say that I should go. Part of me wants to introduce myself to him, and ask him point blank why he won't allow gays/lesbians into the ordination process. Part of me wonders what's the point of asking, do I want to hold the hurt that will come from that conversation.

Peace and blessings, and to anyone else with dental work this week may it all go well.


Lee said...

JS, I'll keep your dental stuff in my prayers. Never liked that particular type of medical necessity but at least I have a good dentist. :)

I'd be more chatty but lots is going on and I'm a little distracted today.


murat11 said...

Yes, You're Dew

Yes, all is crazy
the whining and the bone

no matter how hard
no matter how true.

Major Kink fished
the canal,
the "pertified" dentist
(awfully cute)
finished the root.

Come Thursday,
frazzled smiles
lesbian bishops

this man nor hear him preach

part of me wonders
part of me holds
part of me is

point blank

to the new crown
to the new place
to the new week.

jsd said...

lee: thank you for the prayers; hope your distracts are good ones.

murat11: Thank you for the gift of your poetry, an offering of insight and humor and understanding and encouragement - thank you.

San said...

JS, after car trouble and a root canal in the same week, an inquisition of the Bishop should be a walk in the park with a piece of cake. Child's play.

murat11 said...

Apropos of nothing, I see by your profile that you are living in Afghanistan now. I was too for a while. Seems after profile changes, our place of abode often reverts by default to Afghanistan.

How are the mountains there?

jsd said...

San: You've a fantastic way with capturing words for the moment.

Murat11: Well, this time of year it's chilly and snow capped, but still gorgeous none the less :)

Hmmm...wherever else might my blog go avisiting for a day or two...blogs are like that you know.

Lee said...

Ummm...apparently Texas has moved to New Zealand. Or was that your sense of humor having fun?


jsd said...

I've always wanted to visit New Zealand, so I've sent my blog off on a virtual tour.