Friday, January 18, 2008

Health and Weather

So, ALT, here is my Health & Weather...I'll pass this along to the other "D".

How linked my cough
to the bitter wind
At least the germs disappate
more quickly or perhaps
more quickly spread

How linked my mood
to the lack of sun
Though this gray be not sad
introspective perhaps or maybe
anticipation awaiting

How linked the room of my intersanctum
to the crisp air
One had hoped perhaps
but layers, layers
prolong the excitement of skin


alt said...

“but layers, layers
prolong the excitement of skin”

Nice! I may have to steal that for my LS poem.

murat11 said...

Like this poem a lot, jsd: great repetitions and wonderful "conceits." John Donne and the other metaphysicals.

jsd said...

thank you both :-)