Saturday, January 26, 2008

As soon as I get better...

Well, the flu went away, but some other nastiness moved, now it's an antibiotic and cough syrup. I cannot wait to get healthy again. I managed one whopping day of work last week.

I'm trying to have more possibilies then the polite "no thank yous" I've gotten this week. I'm partially relieved because I don't really want to travel across country in the winter. I'm partially quite sad because I can't seem to get past resume "looks". The companies are looking, but they aren't calling to interview. Speaking of interviewing, the wife agreed to practise with me, especially since I haven't job interviewed in over 8 years. I'm trying to stay it takes six months, the right door just hasn't opened yet, my skill set doesn't really suck.

Ugh - what if I've gotten it wrong, and I've sold my house, told my supervisor and well now just about everyone knows, and I can't find a job.

Ugh - then I tell myself to quit being negative, this is the right path, it's just going to take time, the right door at the right time...sigh...

So, I'm wondering when the right time will be - oh hey, yeah maybe I should quit trying to control when this is going to happen.

But, back to as soon as I get better - more veggies, more exercise, less stress.


Lee said...

Oh, JS! I'm sorry something else has moved into your chest. I hope it isn't bronchitis. Prayers are being said.

About the practice interviewing, I was over at UTSA's Career Services and one thing the guy there said was that when people get comfortable with him they relax and that isn't a realistic setting for a real life interview. He said if I wanted to practice with him he would invite someone else to sit in which made the experience more realistic. Why not ask someone from church who you think would be a good "hiring" interviewer. We have lots of people who've been in that position at in our community.

Hugs for healing!

jsd said...

lee: thank you for your suggestions and well wishes.