Friday, December 29, 2006

Some Poetry

Here's two poems I've written within the last six months:

Light moves through my eyes
Open filtered, closed starkly contrasted
Particles bombard my body
Whirling nipping depositing chaos mind mines
Traversing my psyche on tiptoe
Not yet ready for another nuclear blast
of thought

Walking through today as a chameleon
Morphing into whatever is needed by proximity
Skin raw from instability (of self)
Closing the doors of avoidance
my shield, I dropped my spear by choice
Travel weary

Chasing my cosmic tail in circles
Any progress made becomes uncharted
No landmarks back, dizzy confused, I pause
only for breath, resume again
to collapse
A whisper in my ear I barely hear
Off again in circles
I haven’t left port
No ships have sailed
Gusting seas - gail winds
Coastline deserted
What am I doing here?
I do not want this prison
I seem always to return
My wife and I get together with a friend once a month to catch up and write together. So the above was my attempt to write like poets I admire. "Spinning" was my attempt at Margaret Atwood, while "Port" was my attempt at Emily Dickinson. Though these aren't anywhere near their quality, hopefully the poems are still alright as themselves.


Lee said...

While I understand Port better I find Spinning Light fascinating. Trying to reread it for commenting I had the comment page show the original post. Some of the line separation and most of the spacing disappeared and it made the reading different. This one is going to take me awhile. :)


jsd said...

Lee, I'm glad you like Spinning. I'm breaking out of my shell by posting my photos and poetry. So again, I'm glad you liked it.

Susan Palwick said...

Keep posting poetry and photos!

Do you ever write poems about the photos? That might be a neat little blog project!

jsd said...

Thank You Susan!

I haven't thought about using images I post and then putting poetry to them...actually that's a good idea.

I have thought about using photos to inspire poetry and vice versa...I've toyed with the idea of family, they're my favorite subjects :-)

murat11 said...

Hoping we will all be blithe prisoners of snow, very soon.

Read your poems this morning in the slack solo time.

Love Atwood's fiction, never much on her poetry, but IF it it as good as "Spinning," well then. I particularly like:

"whirling nipping depositing chaos mind mines"; the cool enjambment of "blast / of thought"; "I dropped my spear by choice"; "Any progress made becomes uncharted" (very cool).

Nice Emily staccato in "Port." "I do not want this prison". Does blogger allow those lovely Emily em-dashes? Addicted to those, I am. Lovely haunting feel to "Port."

Rave on.

jsd said...

Thank You - I'm glad you liked the poems. I can't often get decent stream of thought poems out of my head - so I was pleased with Spinning. I copied the poems over from Word hoping to keep the formatting (and was mostly successful - kept getting an extra return between the last two lines).