Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hmmm...that's what I have to say about this Christmas

Well, let's just say I've had better Christmas'. We went up to Tyler to visit my wife's family and returned late to San Antonio Christmas Eve (11pm) to find water gushing like the rapids down the street. So the plumber arrives around 1:30am and shuts the water off with this meter value thing. He then suggests that perhaps he should turn the water back on until we've finished filling up buckets and jugs because he won't be able to fix anything until the morning due to darkness and the cold temperature.

However, at least the kids were pretty oblivious to all this - the only change to their Christmas morning was "Don't flush without asking first".

Now I'm hoping the water company works with me since the pipes broke due to someone driving over them. The meter is at the curb and only about a foot and a half down. So to prevent this from happening again (at least I hope so) I'm going to pick up some cinder blocks and place then strategically around the meter and surrounding pipes and come Spring plant flowers.

Then I had to go yesterday and get new eyeglasses since the dog chomped into the lenses (luckily not so bad that I can't wear them, but still annoying). I won't say where I went but it's a well-known chain...Four hours later: this includes the exam and waiting for the very late doctor to show up, the initial one hour wait, and then 3 tries to get lenses without horrid scratches and mystery smudges that don't come out, a "we have to send the whole batch of lenses back and re-order, so we'll call you in about a week - oh and you can take the glasses to wear since now it's only the left lense that's smudged" (ah no - I did take the glasses with me because at this point I was afraid they'd lose them). These oh so special lenses are the light-weight, anti-glare, UV protective lenses. Since computers are my primary tool at work [besides my brain :-)] and I have really light senstive eyes...I didn't want to go with different lenses. I'll be surprised if this doesn't turn into a pain in my behind.

I'm hoping to leave this little bit of the untidy in 2006 and therefore be able to enter 2007 challenge free, fresh and excited about another year. Ok, it was worth a try :-)

Sometimes you just have to smile because the other alternative leaves you bald.


Lee said...

Good Morning, JSD! You have my sympathies on the dog chewed lenses. I've lost frames from doggie teeth (twice) but never the lenses. And I would have to blame the cat as the glasses were out of dog reach on a shelf yet found on the floor munched and crunched. If this experience with the well known chain doesn't work out I have the name of a good lens shop that you might try. Just let me know.


Susan Palwick said...

Ugh. Plumbing challenges suck, and eyeglass hassles aren't far behind. Good luck!

jsd said...

Lee, Susan, thank you for the well wishes!

I've not lost any glasses to the cat (Darth Vadar - cause he breathes like his namesake from time to time), but over time we've lost a couch to his fearsome claws.