Friday, December 22, 2006


The image above is one of myself at nineteen. I don't look anything like this anymore. The hair is way shorter, the face more lined, the skin less taut, I wear my age now. The woman in this photo is me and isn't me. There are so many things I wish I could have told her, but I'm not sure she would have listened, and I'm not even sure I would have wanted her journey to change.
But I do wish that she would have appreciated herself. She didn't think she was beautiful, nor good enough, she didn't see value in herself. I do admire her though, she survived and she lived on to thrive even in the continued midst of floundering for her sense of self and her sense of worth, her sense of identity.
I post this for a friend who is feeling I think a little lost, and I want her to know that our journeys may take us to places we don't think we want to go but sometimes it's not the journey that counts but the destination.
May Peace Find its Way to Your Heart
May Peace Find its Way to Your Mind
May Rest Find its Way to Your Heart
May Rest Find its Way to Your Mind
May Grace Fill Your Heart
May Grace Fill Your Mind
Peace be with You.
For L.L.


Susan Palwick said...

AMEN! (LL, I second the motion.)

And JSD, that's a gorgeous photo. You look like a model!

jsd said...

Susan, (Blush)Thank You!

Lee said...

Lord, Woman! You take my breath away! Thank you!

Joy! and hope...

jsd said...

Your Very Welcome Lee :)

San said...

Thanks for directing me to this picture. You were a beauty and I'm sure you are even more so now.