Monday, December 18, 2006

See-Saw Photos

I don't really know why I like see-saw art - I don't photograph it often but maybe one day I'll create a whole big collection...'s alien and ducky...

Ducky I took when I didn't have a clue how to manually expose a photograph, and alien doesn't have enough selective focus going on. But I like them, my yin and yang.

Friends of mine have been really great about encouraging me to "get my photos out there". Two of the best presents I've gotten early this year are a co-production chapbook with our combined poetry and my photographs. I can't really express well how much that means, a heart felt thank you to T. The other gift is from A, I can now put my photographs on tiles - it was an awesomely thoughtful gift.

If I don't post again before Christmas...Merry Christmas.


Lee said...

Seesaw Margery Daw
Johnny shall have a new master
He shall earn but a penny a day
Because he can't work any faster

I love playgrounds too. (g) Don't forget to keep your skirt tucked up so that it doesn't drag in the mud when the see-saw comes down.

Have a safe Holiday!

jsd said...

Thanks for the reminder :-)

Have a safe holiday yourself!

Susan Palwick said...

Great photos! They're so surreal! Merry Christmas!

jsd said...

Thank You Susan and also a Merry Christmas to you!

HomelessDave said...

I share your enthusiasm for see-saws, but prefer the term 'teeter totter'.

It seems like you're more interested in variation across the totters, as opposed to the totterees. I'm more for the variation across totterees all riding the same teeter totter

jsd said...

homelessdave: At the time I couldn't remember the other term, teeter totter, hence the use of see-saw. I do prefer the variation on styles as opposed to the actual riding there of.

The Duck teeter totter was taken in Mt. Clemens, MI., the other in San Antonio, TX.