Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, 2006 has been quite a year, and I'm not entirely sad to see it leaving. This time of year always seems so filled with possibilities and regrets. Resolutions to start us out on the right foot implying that until that moment I'd been on the wrong footing.

As I type this my children are oowwing and aahhing the fireworks, that explosive celebration of life. And as an aside; We've added two new members to the household: Lola and Blue, our very first hermit crabs. Blue is very reserved but Lola goes, goes, goes. She's a hoot to watch scuttle about the floor.

My hope is that the new beginnings which were started towards the end of this year flourish, grow, and deepen.

Update: my son informs me that Lola has moved out of the elmo shell and into the brown stripey shell - that would have been cool to see. I took some photos of Lola and Blue, and if they turned out I'll post them.

Happy New Years!


Lee said...

I'm wishing they had show and tell at church so I could see them next Sunday. (g) Happy New Year JSD, wife, and kids!

Peace! Hope! and Joy!

Susan Palwick said...

Happy New Year, jsd!