Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Moby

I like Moby's music - Play was how I first heard of him, and then 18, and I may have Go, but his "old stuff" not as much. What I like about the new album wait for me is it is a return to the style that originally drew me in. It's mournful and sad, but sparks of light shred through.

Shot In The Back Of The Head from Moby on Vimeo.

Yesterday NPR streamed the entire album...I listened to the whole thing and then ordered it.


San said...

JS, when my daughter was in junior high, she and a friend went to a Moby concert. She came back saying she got to touch his hand and it was "all soft and nice." That was the phase when he was doing the Gospel-sounding stuff. I LIKE that stuff, even play it in the gallery sometimes.

jsd said...

san: there's something magical about this gospel stuff - his techno not so much.