Sunday, June 28, 2009

Very Good Weekend

Had a very good weekend. On Saturday we got the errands done early and after lunch we went bike riding. About a mile in sonshine's chain popped off due to him trying out some bike trick. I did't even have my pocket knife with me, but luckily I was able to get the chain back on with a little help from the wife - next time out the tools are coming too :) Then on the way back we stopped at a place called Charlie's were Patsy Cline was crooning to the waves and we swung under the trees eating our newly purchased treats.

Today was a bitter-sweet day for my church...but we had a boat trip around the big lake to honor a person leaving us. Thanks to some very generous members the trip was free for kids and at a way reduced rate. So, we had a blast...sitting up on the top deck with perfect weather, good food, lemonade, friends, and family.

It was quite simply a beautiful weekend.


murat11 said...

Water and Patsy: ain't that heaven?

Lee said...

Might be the time to teach sonshine how to use said tools to fix his own bike.

The boat ride sounds lovely.


jsd said...

murat: it is indeed :)

lee: i agree, but i had to use my figures to get the chain on - and that i didn't want him to do.

San said...

Patsy Cline--love her! Did you see the movie about her--I believe it was called "Sweet Dreams"?

I'm glad your weekend was so sweet.

jsd said...

san: thank you , and i think i saw parts of it - i'll have to add it to the queue.