Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sigh - Car Accidents Stink

First - I'm ok and I was the only one in the car. My head still hurts but not too bad, and the neck is a little stiff; otherwise, all is well.

The damage done to the car doesn't look too horrid - on the list of visible damage; bumper, head light, side panel, tire, windshield wiper container. I'm hoping there's no axle or frame damage or engine damage, and well you get the idea.

The guy made a left into, and he felt really bad about it...going to let the insurance handle it; that's what they get paid for. It all happened so fast but I don't think my seat belt engaged properly hence the top of my head hitting the front part of the car. I think my sun visor may have saved my noggin from the windshield.

At any rate -- lots to take care of tomorrow. Stay safe.


Lee said...

Ohmygosh, JS! Glad to hear you're okay. Prayers for healing of any injuries and a smooth settling of the car repairs. Since I've been in a few fender benders myself I'm going to suggest that you see a chiropractor if you can for the neck and keep pain meds around on the 3rd day. That's usually when neck pain aka whiplash feels the worst.

Hugs of sympathy!

murat11 said...

So sorry to for this to happen to you. Take care of yourself; our prayers are with you.

Cecilia said...

Oh, JSD, so sorry to hear about this. Car accidents can be so traumatic, and it sounds like you got banged up a bit. Take care today. Prayers for all concerned!

jsd said...

Thanks everyone! Went to the doc, other then not being able to explain the "hot spot" on my head he wasn't too concerned. Just need to avoid hitting my head for at least a week :) and watch for any dramatic changes. It's weird being this aware of my head, but I'm doing well. Hopefully in another few days all will be healed.

Thanks again for the prayers.