Friday, July 17, 2009

DoWTX Still Makin' Me Sad

I keep hoping that maybe the bishops in W.Tejas will change...but, instead am saddened by his statement he gave at Gen. Convention yesterday:

.....perhaps +Lillibridge should change the signs in W.TX to the "Episcopal Diocese of West Texas mostly welcomes you".


Lee said...

JS, I've had a problem with the Bishop's speeches ever since he gave a sermon about not letting any of the pieces be lost (making a connection between loaves & fishes and talents in the community) and then denied you the opportunity to do your discernment process. He may be DoWT head but he's not MY bishop. I refuse.


murat11 said...

jsd: As to your suggestion about changing the signs, it is terribly ironic that as I clicked time and time again this past week on the DWTX website, the top line of the page reads, We welcome you with open arms... It boggles my mind that the DWTX apartheid supporters (still a majority, presumably) cannot see the disconnect between that statement and their votes against full inclusion.

I, too, shared your dismay with the Anaheim Statement, and particularly our bishops active involvement in its drafting. (I'm hoping that his ongoing conservatism pretty much nixes any hopes GL may have had to succeeding our current PB.) That being said, here's a link to a page of comments over at the DWTX convention blog:

This was one of several I left throughout the week. I was intentionally more open to listening to GL's possible "need" to affirm in the Anaheim Statement. Even though I hit folks pretty hard throughout the week about their lamentations over the full inclusion votes, I feel like its probably time for me to renew my listening, as a way of helping to bring more folks into an appreciation of the beautiful thing that TEC has done.

The funny thing about all this is that it pretty much renders my play (finished play) obsolete. I'll take it, though: it's a wonderful thing.

If you're in an archiving mood, my comments are peppered throughout the DWTX convention blog from Monday the 13th on. It was a wonderful way to get things off my chest and celebrate at the same time.

Love to you all: pmb

jsd said...

murat: I think your statement was well put and compassionate. And it would be quite nice to have answers to the questions you asked.

lee: I hear ya.

love to you both